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Cincinnati Alumni Gathering

You're Invited! Join us for a great dinner and fabulous Howe alumni camaraderie! The date is being changed to early August because of the conflict with Fathers' Day. As soon as arrangements are finalized, they will be be posted here. Please check back for details.

May 12, 2023|

Alumi Gathering, Naples FL and Updates

Alumni Gathering In Naples, Florida - March 11 Thirteen Alums and guests enjoyed a pleasant evening at Sam Snead's Oak Grill & Tavern in Naples, Florida. Those attending were: Bill Copp, A53 (Didn't make it in time for the photo) Outreach Coordinator Jean & her husband Ray Miller, Honorary Alumna/us (far left) Bill & Amal Kibler, '80 (middle-right) Doug & Donna Nykolaycuyk, '87 (far-right) Sec: Brian Morabito, 1990 (middle-left) Pres: Mike & Desiree Dewitt, 2001 (kneeling; Desiree took some of the photos) Brian Kuhlman, 2001 & guest (Didn't make it in time for the photo.) Association president Mike DeWitt 2001 welcomed [...]

April 16, 2023|

Alums Enjoy Weekend Sep. 30 – Oct. 2

135 Years' History in the Alumni Club Class Pictures of the Honor Classes on the far wall. The beautiful fall weather in Sturgis over Alumni Weekend enhanced the camaraderie of renewing old friendships and exchanging stories about life at Dear Old Howe. None of those stories can be verified after all these years, but.... the best one I heard all weekend was this: first, remember that Howe Military means just that; everyone has a weapon. Most cadets have a rifle, while senior non-coms and officers have swords or sabres, respectively. The story described alleged local teen hot-rodders screeching [...]

October 10, 2022|

Alums Enjoy Regional Gathering In Naples, Florida

A group of happy Howe diners gathered at Sam Snead's Grill and Tavern in Naples, Florida, Saturday, 19 February 2022, to reminisce about Dear Old Howe and get each other up-to-date on their lives and times. HMS Alumni Outreach Coordinator Jean Miller described the venue as "awesome."

February 22, 2022|

Howe Sold!!!

The former Howe Military School campus has been sold for a reported $3-million to the World Olivet Assembly.

June 18, 2020|

Message from our President

I am happy beyond words to tell you that the HMA Board of Trustees voted today (Thursday, 26 Sep 2019) to give ALL the School’s memorabilia to HMSAA. We also have authority to sell what we want to raise funds for HMSAA.

September 26, 2019|

Message from our HMSAA President

Our First Vice-President, Eleni Mitropoulos ’04, has donated many days of time to inventory the Howe memorabilia, from rifle team Hearst trophies of the 1930s to the latest class pictures, hundreds of items.  We are working with the HMA Board of Trustees to develop preservation and display of these items. 

September 26, 2019|

Howe Military School Video on YouTube

Your Howe Military School Alumni Association (HMSAA) is happy to announce that a 25-minute video about Howe is now available for free viewing and/or downloading from YouTube.

September 22, 2019|
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