Message from our President

I am happy beyond words to tell you that the HMA Board of Trustees voted today (Thursday, 26 Sep 2019) to give ALL the School’s memorabilia to HMSAA. We also have authority to sell what we want to raise funds for HMSAA. We will begin be selling the “Here’s Howe – The First 100 Years” books for about $65 each on E-bay. There are about 200. We will never be able to thank Eleni Mitropoulos ’04 enough for her weeks of work inventorying everything at the School so we have a businesslike approach to handling all these keepsakes, and the Board of Trustees today decided to donate it all to HMSAA. In a few days we will be seeking volunteers to go to Sturgis, MI and help load and unload two big truckloads of stuff from Howe. Then, while in the secure storage, we will sort it by years and/or 5-year and/or 10-year periods, depending on volume, and then go over those sub-collections one at a time to determine what to sell and what to keep, and then sell the sellable items one period at a time on E-bay auctions so as to reach the maximum potential sales revenue. Each E-bay sale will be announced in advance to all alums so they can watch for the listing to appear on E-bay. We will use the E-bay auction method to get the most revenue for HMSAA.