Cincinnati Alumni Gathering Date Changed To August

Howe Military School Alumni Association

The Howe Military School Alumni Association, Inc. is an Indiana not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation chartered in 1972 to continue the unincorporated Association founded in 1901 to provide support to, the School and its Cadets and Alumni and to provide a venue for Howe Alumni to get together and reminisce, both at its Annual Meeting and at Regional Meetings more locally convenient.

Howe School was founded in 1884 by a bequest from banker-lawyer John Badlam Howe to the Episcopal Diocese of Indiana to establish a grammar school for boys.  In 1895 high school grades were added as Howe Military School was established.  The School briefly dropped “Military” to welcome the 21st century, but quickly renamed itself Howe Military Academy until it closed in 2019.  The School hosted an Army Junior ROTC unit from 1918 until 2019.

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This Association has preserved 135 years of Howe memorabilia at the Howe Alumni Club in Sturgis, Michigan, where some will be exhibited each year at our Annual Meeting.

We have digitized many Tatler yearbooks, which can be viewed online.

Your donation helps fund more digitizing of both Tatlers and the School weekly paper, The Howe Herald.

We also issue monthly newsletters and history notes.

Howe aerial footage

Your Howe Military School Alumni Association (HMSAA) is happy to remind you that a 25-minute video about Howe is now available for free viewing and/or downloading on YouTube. It was produced by History In Your Own Backyard, which lists videos by state and county. The video offers a convenient way to explain your Howe experience to friends and relatives. The drone aerial footage in the video gives us a new view of Dear Old Howe.



Help us preserve the 135-year history of Howe Military School. None of your officers and directors receive any compensation. Your donation to our Association supports the preservation of 135 years’ Howe memorabilia and to helping your brother and sister alums stay in touch.

The mission of the Howe Military School Alumni Association, Inc., is to support the interests of Howe alumni and alumnae, friends, family, and affiliates, by preserving memorabilia, hosting events, fundraising, and connecting individuals through fellowship, so as to continue the legacy of Howe, and to make the memorabilia accessible to anyone wishing to learn about the Church-related military prep school as a method of formation for teenagers.

News & Events

Cincinnati Alumni Gathering

You're Invited! Join us for a great dinner and fabulous Howe alumni camaraderie! The date is being changed to early August because of the conflict with Fathers' Day. As soon as arrangements are finalized, they will be be posted here. Please check back for details.

May 12, 2023|

Alumi Gathering, Naples FL and Updates

Alumni Gathering In Naples, Florida - March 11 Thirteen Alums and guests enjoyed a pleasant evening at Sam Snead's Oak Grill & Tavern in Naples, Florida. Those attending were: Bill Copp, A53 (Didn't make it in time for the photo) Outreach Coordinator Jean & her husband Ray Miller, Honorary Alumna/us (far left) Bill & Amal Kibler, '80 (middle-right) Doug & Donna Nykolaycuyk, '87 (far-right) Sec: Brian Morabito, 1990 (middle-left) Pres: Mike & Desiree Dewitt, 2001 (kneeling; Desiree took some of the photos) Brian Kuhlman, 2001 & guest (Didn't make it in time for the photo.) Association president Mike DeWitt 2001 welcomed everyone. The first presentation of our Association's new Challenge Coin was made to Bill & Amal Kibler '80. Under development for over two years, these particular Challenge Coins recognize those individuals actively leading, assisting or substantially supporting the Mission of the HMSAA. They are symbols of mutual commitment and are awarded in appreciation for uncommon efforts as past-president Fred Seibold, '53 says, “to keep the legacy alive.” They are not meant as “door prizes” for attending an Alumnae/i gathering or annual weekend, which is why only a few were awarded that night. They won’t be available for purchase, and due to their limited number are anything but trinkets to be loosely or generally distributed. Should you receive one, it means you rose to the challenge, but it doesn’t end there: when you recognize an opportunity to do so, you’re encouraged to pass that challenge on to the next person who is willing to share in the Alumni Association’s Mission. Thank you for your support over the years, Amal and Bill. First Lady Desiree was thanked for her continuing work to convert Association membership data into a useable form. Sadly, the School Trustees' Executive Committee (or their representative) denied disclosure of Alumnae/i contact information to our Association, a detriment to both HMSAA fundraising efforts [...]

April 16, 2023|

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