Vicarage Nominated For National Register

HMSAA has assisted six grad students in Architectural Preservation at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend with their exceedingly thorough research into the John B. and Frances Howe House to nominate it for the National Register of Historic Places. It was known for years as The Vicarage, on the former Howe Military School Campus. This building was the first location of Howe Grammar School in 1884, was the Headmaster’s Cottage from the 1920s to 1934, and was the residence of the School Chaplains:
Fr. Robert Murphy 1934-1968
Fr. Theodore Sirotko 1968-1970
Fr. Richard Curtis 1971-1974
Fr. George Minnix 1974-1986
Fr. Philip Morgan 1986-2000
Fr. David Yaw 2000-2010.

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