The “New” Gym

Here is the “New” Howe Gymnasium when it really was new (1930). The “Old Gym” was in the basement of Howe Hall. The New Gym was re-named the Thomas Parker Gym in honor of Thomas Parker ’39, inventor of the “Drumstick” ice cream treat, in appreciation of his major donation of replacement windows and other work on the building. The rifle range was in the basement. ROTC offices and, in the 1940s, after the Academic Building fire, the Headmaster’s office and 11 classrooms occupied the spacious gym building, four classrooms on each of the east and west balconies. Two classrooms filled the space that became the Varsity “H” Club room after the new Academic Building was completed in 1950. To the left of the Gym above the tree line is the tower and chimney of Lima High School. Older cadets will remember the unusual basketball floor, made of hardwood blocks on end (sanded smooth and varnished). As did so many School vendors over the years, the purveyor of the floor system felt compelled to buy a Tatler ad:

Howe History